Kelly Boys


Author of The Blind Spot Effect

From our earliest years, we all acquire blind spots in the way we perceive, feel, and think. Driven by our biology, life experiences, cultural messages, and physical environment, they profoundly affect us throughout our lives.

This informative and practical guide invites us to understand: how we get them, how to bring them to light, and how to work with that newfound awareness to improve our lives.

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Kelly Boys explores powerful new science about the important things we miss each day—and the simple, practical things we can do to see the good news about ourselves and the world that’s right under our noses. In an informal and friendly style, she helps us see the unseen, shed needless stress and worries, and open into something quite profound.
— Rick Hanson, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of Buddha’s Brain and Resilient
The Blind Spot Effect is a fresh and illuminating take on how to step out of lifelong patterns that keep snagging us . . . highly recommended!
— Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge
We all have blind spots, and this book expertly reveals how mindfulness and emotional intelligence training can help us see clearly and stop the mental and emotional suffering we create in our own lives. When we start within, we can make peace in the world. This book is an essential starting point for discovering that peace within ourselves, which is bound to have ripple effects with our families and at work, as well as out into the larger global community.
— Chade-Meng Tan, Google pioneer and New York Times bestselling author of Joy on Demand and Search Inside Yourself


About Kelly

Kelly Boys is a trainer with the United Nations Foundation where she helped create and works to deliver a mindfulness and well-being program for UN humanitarian aid workers on the front lines in the Middle East and beyond. She is also a freelance producer at Sounds True Publishing and the host of the Mindfulness Monthly Program which launched February 2017, featuring interviews and fresh content with leading meditation teachers on various themes each month.